Calvin Berger

The Young Artist’s Council of Youth Performance Company is excited to present the final show of their season! Calvin Berger is modern musical retelling of the classic comedy Cyrano de Bergerac. Calvin (a geeky high school Cyrano), is in love with Rosanna (the ever-unattainable Roxanne), but worries that she’ll never notice him. He tries and tries again, even enlisting the help of his friends, but knows that it’s virtually impossible. Classic teenage angst at its most ridiculous, Calvin Berger captures the warped reality of high school love with humor and clarity.

Directed by: Jonah O’Hara David

Tickets: $10


June 15th at 7pm
June 16th at 7pm
June 17th at 2pm
June 17th at 7pm
June 18th at 2pm.


Youth Performance Company’s Black Box
3338 University Avenue SE – 3rd floor
Minneapolis, MN  55414


*All shows and dates are subject to change

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