Starting a Movement

In this new year, and with the excitement of the inauguration ceremony fresh, I thought this link was worth the share for whoever might stumble onto it.

Jacie shared it with us last week. It is from the TED talks motivational series if you are familiar with them. This particular one is from Derek Sivers who classifies himself as a “learning addict.” He is by profession a musician and circus clown and created CD Baby as a distribution resource for independent musicians serving over 150,000 artists.

The essence of his short 4 minute lecture deals with the process of creating a movement. There are many inspired souls in the universe with a voice trying to be heard. But the important cog in the wheel is the 1st Follower – who actually takes on the risk of falling in line behind the said inspiration without the guarantee of popularity. An interesting facet of the human experience. (I have tried to embed the actual video onto the post but does not seem to be working – so instead, here is the link to the page.)



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